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CHATT Governance

Lystra Percy

CEO Of Caribbean Heritage Association Of Trinidad And Tobago - 501c3 Non-Profit

We look forward to serving you and welcome your support of our mission and vision.

We appreciate how your assistance and our dedication has allowed us all to grow.

Present Goals

CHATT-Charlotte has a number of divisions that are responsible for our main mission: Providing scholarships to people of Trinidad and Tobago descent, their families and the rest of the Caribbean diaspora living in the Charlotte NC metro area.

Goal 1: Provide each of ten awardees with scholarships equaling $2,500.00

Goal 2: Increase and maintain CHATT membership to 200 members yearly

Goal 3: Attain ten sponsors to contribute $1,500.00 annually.

Goal 4: Partner with ten organizations that provide internships for awardees, applicants and volunteers.

Goal 5: Have 5 – 10 volunteers committed for all events able to work a four-hour shift.

We Reach Our Goals By Leveraging Relationships!


Budgeting And Finance

Responsible for planning, organizing, auditing, accounting for and controlling the company’s finances. Produces the company’s financial statements, fiscal budgeting, and tax preparation

Legal And Compliance

Ensures corporate compliance within operating procedures. Addresses any legal issues that arise, reviews corporate policies, and advises the executives and employees on changes to the laws affecting the company.

Scholarships And Memberships

Responsible for scholarship applicant review, choosing and working with awardees pre-gala and membership drives. Maintaining membership numbers and coordinating with both groups for event volunteering.

Website - Marketing - Events

Ensuring the website is fluid and up to date. Communicating with all divisions and managing the CRM system. Responsible for event choices, setup, volunteer placement, all marketing avenues, design, and distribution.

Business Development

Working with sponsors and local businesses to instruct our awardees, applicants and volunteers in basic business principles. These monthly classes will cover the key aspects that create an owner mindset as well as the importance of being a team player.

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