Presidential Proclamation 

Caribbean American Heritage Month

Our Nation is linked to the Caribbean by our geography as well as our shared past and common aspirations.  During National Caribbean - American Heritage month, we pay tribute to the diverse cultures and immeasurable contributions of all Americans who trace their heritage to the Caribbean.  Throughout our history, immigrants from Caribbean countries have come to our shores seeking better lives and opportunities.  Others were bought against their will in the bonds of slavery.  All have strived to ensure their children could achieve something greater and have preserved the promise of America for future generations.  During the month of June, we also honor the bonds of friendship between the United States and the Caribbean countries.​

  • Creating a clear path to success by getting involved in giving back, paying forward to our communities (Charlotte and Trinidad and Tobago) and supporting organizations who give during times of disaster relief needs.
  • Helping Caribbean businesses flourish.
  • Providing Opportunities for our heritage to be preserved;introducing our culture to our families and to the Charlotte community through educational, social and cultural programs.
  • Connecting and creating a great place for lasting friendships and nurturing relationships.
  • Helping connect/link the Charlotte community to the Trinidad and Tobago community and the rest of the Caribbean Diaspora.
  • Collaborating with other Caribbean associations/organizations to provide economic, cultural and scholastic programs.
  • Promotion of the development of trade and investment opportunities between the city of Charlotte and Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Enhancing our community by providing access, finding resources and services for our members and their families to enjoy so they have a great place to live.

Our Purpose

Sharing our culture, connecting our friendships, having fun, creating opportunities and making a difference by intentionally playing a vital role in the Charlotte and international communities.

Our Plans

On people of Trinidad and Tobago decent, their families as well as members of the rest of the Caribbean diaspora living in the Charlotte metro area.

Our Focus